A Space Shuttle


These are elephants,
probably my favorite animals.

About me:

Hi, my name is Ben Driscoll. I write and draw this comic. I started it in July 2008, and since March 2009 I've been doing it full time.

I currently live in the fine town of San Diego, CA.


Questions I have been asked more than once:

Q: How do you draw the comic?
A: It's all drawn in photoshop with a pen tablet.

Q: Do you have an update schedule?
A: Not quite. I generally do 2-3 comics a week, mostly on weekdays.

Q: Can you take a look at my comic, and give me some feedback?
A: Sure!

Q: Will you end your FAQ section with a made up question?
A: No, that's so predictable.

Q: But you just did!
A: Oh, oops!


Thanks for reading! You can contact me here if you like. I do my best to respond to all emails.


Oh, here are some other places where I am:

Daily Sketch Group
Come do some art with us

I use this account to tell other people that I like their comics

It's a book written for faces, by faces, or so I'm told

Because it is the thing to do

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